About Ohio's Climate

Ohio offers many year-round attractions, and there are always special events taking place throughout the state. Whether you like warm sunshine or prefer travel with a little nip in the air, you'll find it here in Ohio.

Summer is warm and sunny, with most areas seeing 90 F/32 C temperatures for at least a few days. Temperatures range 37-70 F/3-21 C in the northeast and 41-72 F/5-22 C in the southwest during April and May.

Fall is the sunniest season, with warm September days running 52-71 F/11-22 C, resulting in some of the most beautiful Fall Foliage to be found anywhere. A jacket will be useful for evenings, especially in October, when temperatures drop into the low 40s F/4-6 C at night. Winters can be cold (17 to 43 F/-8 to -6 C), with plenty of snow in northern Ohio near Lake Erie for travelers looking for outdoor winter fun.

It's always a good idea to check ahead to be sure you have the proper attire to fully enjoy your Ohio vacation. For quick reference, here are the average temperatures you can expect in Ohio.

Month 2002 Average Mean (30 Years)
January 31.2 25.4
February 35.2 28.4
March 39.4 39.2
April 52.9 49.6
May 56.9 59.9
June 71.5 68.6
July 75.9 72.5
August 74.2 70.7
September 68.3 64.2
October 52.0 52.7
November 40.4 42.0
December 31.1 31.0

Stats from the Midwestern Regional Climate Center, provided by the Ohio Agricultural Statistics Service.

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