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My family went to stay at Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point in June 2007. It was a great experience for myself as well as my four children. There was something for everyone to do of all ages. There was the beautiful sunset walks on the beach of Lake Erie. We had ice cream next to the pool, spent the day at Cedar Point theme park. Then there were fireworks set off every evening. We played putt-putt golf and spent lots of time laughing and having fun together. We will definitely do this again next year. I think we have a new family destination planned for years to come!

Ms. Dusty Sperry

Many people know about this event(actually about 100,000 people) that takes place every year in Vermilion,Ohio usually around September/October. It's the biggest One-Day festival in Ohio. Ever since my son was 3 years old, I have taken our kids to the Woollybear Festival. Starting at 8am with setting up our chairs on the Main Street curb, I usually get the best seat in the house.(There aren't any bad places along the parade route) Next it's off to the track at the high school for the running races. My daughter has participated in this event since she could crawl at 6-months. Yes, even infants get to participate. Even though my kids aren't babies any longer, we always show up to watch and have handy a blanket. Why a blanket? Sometimes the entries to this event is so large, they run out of blankets to place upon the track for the young racers to race/crawl on. After the awards ceremony, it's back to Main Street to enter the Woollybear Races. Yes, we actually race a Woollybear caterpillar on a professionally designed track. Again, my children are past 11 years old to enter, but to watch is just as much fun. This event usually ends around 11am so we now get to enjoy all the vendors set up all around the main stage. Eating is also one of our favorite things to do. The food choices are fantastic and after we get what we want, we sit down on provided chairs on Main Street and listen to live music on the Main Street Stage. I must admit, this is the most time together we spend in one day without anyone getting bored or upset. We have a fabulous time and most times the weather is fantastic. In the 15 years we went to this festival, only one time did it rain. The cool thing about that day, nothing changed. We did all the same things as always, only we had umbrellas in hand and ponchos on! I didn't even tell you all the best part of the day. The afternoon Parade which takes about 2 hours to complete,no I didn't mis-type the time. There are bands of all sizes (from all over the tri-state area), teenage queens/courts, organizations, local TV personalities, and floats. Usually over 120 parade participants. This one day event, always on a Sunday, has been a family tradition and will always continue to be that. So if you have never seen such a One-Day festival, may I suggest coming to Vermilion and making your own memories.

michelle mitchell

Well first of all, sorry if my english is not perfect: I'm from Mexico and I have a lot of family in Ohio. For this vacations we are planning to visit Ohio, I really love it is such a beautiful place to relax; with all the beaches, parks, restaurants, green areas, etc. The last time I went there was in 2004 in summer, we spent there like two months. I have to tell you that it was amazing. Each day we had a diferent thing to do, so many activities from farms to water parks and summer camps (like YMCA; I really love that place). The security is amazing and everybody is very kind. One time I was in a water park, and I wanted to go through a water slide. I was the last in the row, and suddenly I was the first one, because everybody let me go first( kindness!!!) My favorite restaurant was, is and will be Home Town Buffet. It is so delicious!!! My grandfather has so many friends that he met in that place. So this restaurant is not only a good place to eat, it is also to make new friends. I'm very exited that this July (2007), we are going to visit that amazing place. Take care, a n d r e a . g * * *


Raising a family of 4 children, close in age, with a minimal income led us to do an annual Campbell camp-out every year. The kids would look so forward to it and have quality time with their siblings, cousins, and aunts and uncles. We have stayed at various campsites from one end of Ohio to another. It was economical, fun, and a great bonding experience that my grown children still talk about. As a matter of fact, my 19 year old neice is asking that we do it again. We have stayed on Put-in-Bay, Kelley's Island, Bay Shores, Mohican, and have even traveled as far as Cincinnati. The children got to appreciate the beauty and opportunities in their own backyard while enjoying a carefree weekend. We got to enjoy our children having fun. Ohio has beautiful parks, camp grounds, and many attractions from border to border for everyone to enjoy. You can camp and go to Cedar Point. Or hit a more secluded area to fish. There are camps for everyone's interest near lakes for boating, near woods for seclusion, near putt putt, amusement parks, shopping, or concerts. We don't brag enough about our state!!!

THeresa Campbell

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