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Two years ago we visited Ohio. We had never been before. We had visions of smelly, polluted cities, bad roads,etc. Instead, we found clean, WONDERFUL cities, wonderful people, and NEAT places to visit. We found ourselves at 6:30 one night in the town of Walnut Creek. Had no idea where to stay - we had missed the motel somehow. So we inquired at a place called the Carlisle Inn. We stayed there overnight. We could have stayed there a week! A CHARMING, WARM,VERY FRIENDLY Inn! Went to the DER DUTCHMAN BAKERY the next day, after a very good breakfast at the Amish restaurant next door. The bakery left me in tears upon entering. I had to get my wife. THEIR SELECTION WAS TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE! I have been to a lot of bakeries out here in the Pacific Northwest. NONE even can compare to the DER DUTCHMAN BAKERY. We VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE CARLISLE INN and the DER DUTCHMAN BAKERY to anyone. We WILL go back. Eric & Mary Kohler North Bend,Oregon 97459

Eric Kohler

I was born in the City of Port Clinton, located in Northwestern OH, on Lake Erie, and was reared 11 miles west of there, in the beautiful Village of Oak Harbor, located on the Portage River, which ultimately flows into Lake Erie. In the 50's, it was permissible to burn autumn leaves in the street, directly in front of your home. I and all my young playmates would eagerly rake not only our own yards, but also rake our neighbors yards, for free! I lived half a block away and would drag the leaves three houses over from my home, to my playmate's home. Then all of us would drag all of those smaller piles of leaves into the street directly in front of their home, and make one neat long gigantic pile of leaves for our annual wiener roast! Their father worked as a meat cutter for our Village's largest grocery store and he would bring home bunches of packages of hot dogs and hot dog buns, for the occasion. All the children in our entire block were invited, and he would give each one of us a long stick so we could roast our own hotdogs and our own marshmallows over the fragrant burning autumn leaves! Trust me, if you've never eaten hotdogs roasted this way, you have absolutely no idea what you're missing! Afterwards, we would roast packages of marshmallows this way, under the careful supervision of my playmates' father, of course. I remember one year, I astounded all my friends by eating 5 hot dogs! I just couldn't stop: they were scrumptious! My most favorite haunt growing up as a teenager, was driving the entire peninsula jutting out into Lake Erie, Catawba Island. The scenery was just gorgeous, including the fruit orchards, the vineyards, numerous water inlets housing speedboats, and views of Lake Erie interspersed therein. I would drive to the furthest point of Catawba Island, then catch the ferry to Put-In-Bay! What wonderful memories I have of the ride over on the ferry boat! Once there, I'd rent a bike, then ride it all over the island, stopping at a restaurant to quench my hungry appetite for a fresh perch sandwich! I haven't been able to return home to Northwestern OH since the 1970's, but every autumn, I get incredibly homesick! Not only do I recall our childhood wiener/marshmallow roasts--the smells and tastes still embedded in my mind--I recall the beautiful scenery of red wooden barns "painted" on a perfect fall foliage backdrop of magnificient golds, lemon yellows, reds, burgundys, oranges, mixed in with dark green pines and blue spruces! If you are driving from Toledo on your way to Port Clinton, take route 163. If coming from Bowling Green, take the scenic drive, route 105, which follows the meandering Portage River until you arrive in Oak Harbor.

Barbie (Denny) Insall

The summer that I graduated from high school my fiance' and I took the whole month of August and visited every attraction in Ohio - many places we had never been to and had only heard of, although we both had lived here all our lives. Many of them I have revisited but it was a special summer and it strengthed my pride in my home state of Ohio.

Karen R.Frabott

I was born in West Virginia, raised in Ohio and now live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I try to tell everyone about my home town of Vermilion, Ohio and all the fun-filled relaxing days I recall growing up in V.O.L. It was the perfect town to raise childern in and to be a part of. Sandy beaches The Fish Festival: Woolbear Festival and how very friendly everyone is. The town has Grand Parks such as Mill Hollow and Sherrod Park; Lynnwood Park where you can rent houses in by the beach. There are 3 Marinas right in the middle of downtown which are great if you decide you want to come in by boat. You can dock within walking distance of the stores and resturants and antiques stores, not to forget the pizza palor called Poppa Joes which has great pies all homemade and made daily. The old fashion soda fountain that is on the corner of main street has fountain drinks and a 50's bar you can eat at plus a french restaurant world renound that is located on main street. Down from there is the Main Street Park and the local beach opened to the public year round to swim and and watch all the boats come in and out of the town. All in all Ohio is a wonderful state which is the perfect place to visit and raise your families in.

melody mckinney cromer

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