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Last fall our son was diagnosed with a rare tracheal condition and we were referred to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for treatment. We are from Missouri and have never been to Ohio, so this was a good distance for us to travel to with a sick baby and we had to stay for a month. We tried to make the best of a tough situation so we planned some adventures for our son before surgery time. We went to the Cincinnati Zoo and they were celebrating HalZooWeen, so we enjoyed ourselves there. We went the next day to the aquarium where even as adults we absolutely loved it. We also did LOTS of shopping while we were there and really enjoyed exploring the Cincinnati area. The surgery was successful, and our stay enjoyable. We have been back three times for check-ups and everything looks good with our son. We now call the LivInn Suites in Sharonville our vacation home and look forward to our trips back to Ohio!

Sarah Luebbert

As a young girl, my Aunt would take either myself or my sister, along with some cousins, camping every summer. Two summers hold special meaning for me: one year, we visited Put-in-Bay and while on the ferry, my Aunt told us everyone either walked or rode bicycles to protect the environment (only the Islanders had autos but were not permitted to drive them during the day)-we toured the Island and I was awe-struck by the Perry Peace Memorial; next was a tour of Kelly's Island where we experienced Inscription Rock and the Glacial Grooves (only a fraction was visable at that time). I still feel the draw of Lake Erie and The Islands and return as often as possible; I have introduced family and friends to this specail part of my world: the sound of lapping waves reaching shore, lobster bisque, the ferry rides, the samller islands, the "tourist traps" and the history... steeped in history: if we're lucky, we can stay on or near The Islands, we can experience a re-enactment of the 1812 period, or enjoy hoisting sails on a "tall ship". We are blessed to have such a treasure within easy driving range... and that it is vibrant and viable through many historic eras.

Lin duren

Our family loves to travel in Ohio. There are so many very wonderful things to see and do. Please check out our stories at We attest that Ohio is a wonderful place to live! We believe that anyone who has a chance to travel should make sure to make a long stop in Ohio.

Ohio Family

I visited my daughter who was living in Marysville. Her friend took us to a river where we could rent a kayak. It was a beautiful, sunny day. I asked the boat keeper if anyone ever tipped over. He said, Oh no, that has never happened. I was at the front of the kayak, my daughter was steering. The river made a little bend and the current was going a little faster. My daughter steered right into the shore line of the canal. There was a BIG thump, the kayak flipped over. We found ourselves twirling around in he water!! I was so scared, I could hardly breathe when I surfaced. My daughter thought I was having a heart attack. She was so strong, she pulled me out of the water, onto the shoreline. Some other kayakers turned the boat over and dumped all the water out. We decided to continue, the day was so beautiful. The river looked so inviting. For the rest of the trip, everyting went just great. It was time to return to the starting point. The sun was shining and we were practically all dried out by the time we got back to the starting area. Then... I stepped out of the boat, lost my footing, and again, fell in the water. This time I was all muddy, and very embarrassed because everyone was there staring.


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