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Build your own Itinerary, based on what you want to do around Ohio as you explore this site.

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Build your own itinerary Build your own itinerary  
  • Find an attraction

    Use the Site Search to find an attraction
    (i.e. Cedar Point)

    Select the Attraction and click the "Add to Itinerary" button

    Step 1 example

  • Log in and create your itinerary

    Create an Ohio Tourism account if you do not already have one

    Using the dropdown box, select "Create a New Itinerary"

    Step 2 example

    Give your new itinerary a name and description

    Click "Create Itinerary"

    Add tour stops by searching for more attractions. Once you select an attraction, click on the "Add to Itinerary" button, then select an itinerary from the drop down box. Click "Add Listing"

  • Edit your itinerary

    Click "Edit this Itinerary"
    From here you can edit the title, description and change the order of the attractions you selected

    Click "Submit" once you are finished

    Step 3 example

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