Ohio 2011

by Harry K.

Family trip


Tour Stops

  • Buffington Island Battlefield Memorial Park

    Buffington Island Battlefield Memorial Park commemorates the only significant Civil War battle that took place on Ohio soil. Here a Union army routed a column of Confederate cavalry commanded by General John Hunt Morgan in 1863. Major Daniel McCook, patriarch of the fighting McCook family, consisting of his eight sons and his brother John's five sons, was mortally wounded in the fight.

    A monument made of broken Ohio glacial boulders is set in a four-acre outdoor park where visitors can enjoy picnics and read the signs describing the history of the area.

    • Address: 56890 State Route 124
      Portland, Ohio 45770
    • Phone: Toll-Free: (866) 363-2652
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island

    Put-in-Bay, on beautiful South Bass Island, is Ohio's and Lake Erie's best kept secret. Situated between Cleveland and Toledo, the island offers lots of activities and events.
    Put-in-Bay attracts more than 750,000 visitors each summer. Families, school & tour groups are drawn to here to enjoy the history and the terrific shopping & fun attractions. The Perry Memorial dominates the downtown harbor. There are two cave tours, a butterfly house, antique car museum, 18-hole miniature golf course & maze. A new amusement park features an arcade, water balloon launch, electric go-carts and bumper boats.
    Enjoy our historical museum, historic home tour, Perry Memorial visitor center, DeRivera Park, a winery and South Bass Island Lighthouse.
    Fish for perch and walleye, jet ski or kayak Put-in-Bay's waters. Dock your boat for the night, camp for the week or spend a restful night at one of our great hotels, bed & breakfasts, cottages, condos or private homes. Great entertainment, fantastic restaurants and fun taverns round out the island's nightlife.

    • Address: 148 Delaware Avenue
      PO Box 250
      Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456
    • Phone: Local Number: 4192852832
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Historic Fort Steuben

    Historic Fort Steuben is a reconstructed 18th century fort built on the original site overlooking the Ohio River that opened the Northwest Territory to expansion and settlement. The 150 soldiers garrisoned in the fort protected the surveyors from hostile tribes as they laid out the first Seven Ranges of the Northwest Territory. Exhibits depict military and frontier life in 1787.An active archaeological dig is part of the tour. Buildings housing exhibits include the Hospital, the Officers' Quarters, the Enlisted Men's Quarters, the Blacksmith, the Quartermaster's, the Commissary, the Guardhouse and the Frontiersman's Camp. an 1830 Stone Survey Marker is also on the site. Tours of the nearby First Federal Land Office which served as a 19th century home office (originally built in 1801) can also be included.The Fort is open for general admission, tours, groups and school field trips from May through October. Special programs for students are offered in the summer and the fall. The Ohio Valley Frontier Days  in early June include period reenactments, crafts, archaeological and surveying exhibits, food, demonstrations, music, lectures, and more. Wheelchair accessible. Visitors can explore the Museum Shop and obtain travel information in the Visitors Center all year. A variety of displays highlighting history and culture are exhibited throughout the year. The adjacent Fort Steuben Park includes the Veterans Memorial Fountain and the Berkman Amphitheater offering concerts and programs in season. The Thursday Concerts in the Park run through June and July.

    • Address: 120 South 3rd Street
      Steubenville, Ohio 43952
    • Phone: Local Number: 7402831787
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Fort Recovery Museum & Monument

    In late 1791, a confederacy of Indian warriors led by Little Turtle and Blue Jacket surprised and overwhelmed an American army of about 1,600 men under Major General Arthur St. Clair at this site along the Wabash River. Well over half of St. Clair's troops were killed or wounded in this greatest of all Indian victories over American military forces.

    In December 1793, Major General Anthony Wayne sent a detachment to the site to begin a four-sided picketed post with a projecting blockhouse at each corner. Completed the following March, it was christened Fort Recovery to signify it was no longer under Indian control.

    On June 30, 1794, what is believed to be the largest-ever assemblage of Indian warriors east of the Mississippi River attacked the fort but were driven away by the American defenders. The confederacy never recovered from this set back, setting the stage for Wayne's final triumph at Fallen Timbers later that summer on August 20.

    Today the Fort Recovery State Memorial offers visitors a glimpse of the 1790s with two reconstructed blockhouses and connecting stockade wall, an obelisk monument, and newly renovated museum exhibits.

    • Address: One Fort Site Street
      Fort Recovery, Ohio 45846
    • Phone: Toll-Free: (800) 283-8920
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Fort Meigs

    William Henry Harrison built Fort Meigs on the Maumee River in 1813 to protect northwest Ohio and Indiana from British invasion. Today's reconstruction is one of the largest log forts in America. British and Canadian troops, assisted by Indians under Tecumseh, besieged the fort twice. The 10-acre log enclosure with seven blockhouses and five emplacements presented a formidable defense. The first assault was in May of 1813 and the second was in July. Both failed and the British retreated after the second.

    The Museum and Education Center has 3,000 square feet of exhibits and artifacts - including soldiers' letters and diaries, weapons, maps, and uniforms - that describe Fort Meigs role during the War of 1812. Exhibits themes include The Lore of the Land, The Sixty Year War for Ohio, and Building Fort Meigs. Original artifacts from the War of 1812, including swords, uniforms, and maps highlight the events of the war and the impact it had on soldiers and thier families. Exhibits emphasize hands-on and interpretive learning opportunities for students and families. The building also includes a gift shop, classroom and conference room.

    • Address: 29100 West River Road
      Perrysburg, Ohio 43551
    • Phone: Toll-Free: (800) 283-8916
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Marblehead Lighthouse State Park

    Marblehead Lighthouse State Park is located in Ottawa Co. on the tip of the Marblehead Peninsula, 10 mi. east of Port Clinton and 50 miles east of Toledo. Marblehead Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in continuous operation on the Great Lakes, guiding sailors safely along the rocky shores of the peninsula since 1822. Tours are offered on weekdays during the summer months and on select Saturdays. The Keeper's house offers interesting displays of Lake Erie maritime history.
    The annual Lighthouse Festival is held in October. 
    There are no overnight facilities available at this location.

    • Address: 110 Lighthouse Drive
      Marblehead, Ohio 43440
    • Phone: Local Number: 4197344424
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Ravenwood Castle & Medieval Village

    An escape from the real world awaits you!  The Ravenwood Realm sits atop the highest hill in scenic Swan Township where delightfully different rooms suites and cottages with fireplaces help you create your own fairy tale!
    Dine in the Great Hall, stroll through the gardens and forest, and vist the nearby parks of the Hocking Hills and  Lake Hope.  Plenty of interesting activities, shops, antiques malls, art galleries and much more are within a few miles.

    • Address: 65666 Bethel Road
      New Plymouth, Ohio 45654
    • Phone: Toll-Free: 8004771541
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Piatt Castles Tours

    The Piatt Castles is a private, family owned museum that offers tours and programs at two historical mansions, Mac-A-Check and Mac-O-Chee. These 19th century homes of Brigadier General and farmer, Abram Sanders Piatt, and his brother, famed journalist and poet, Colonel Donn Piatt, have interpreted Ohio history and inspired visitors since they opened in 1912.

    Constructed of local limestone and decorated with elaborate woodwork and frescoes, the castles contain collections of Native American tools, books, military artifacts and family furnishings from two centuries. The museum works in partnership with a non¬profit organization to provide programs, exhibits, and publications about the central Ohio region.

    Other words to consider from the mission statement: The corporation is committed to preserving material culture, documents, stories and traditions associated with all generations of the Piatt family in America. Its mission is to interpret the life stories of members of the Piatt family and their associates through engaging and effective programs that enable visitors:

    • to explore the relationship between people and the land in central Ohio

    • to investigate the inter-connectedness of history, literature, math, science, nature, architecture and the visual and performing arts

    • to discover the humanity of history and to realize that history is the story of many individuals making choices

    • to appreciate their own family histories.

    From the vision statement: We value what has come before as it helps us understand and define who we are today. Our programs share that understanding with others in order to spark interest in creating the future.

    • Address: 10051 Twp Rd 47
      West Liberty, Ohio 43357
    • Phone: Local Number: 9374652821
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Ohio Caverns

    Ohio Caverns is the largest and most beautiful of Ohio's caves. Its exquisite crystal-white stalactite and stalagmite formations are found in great profusion or artistic settings. The cave formations are still actively in the process of development.  Still photography is welcome to capture you memories. Visitors are conducted through the Cavern on guided tours at frequent intervals. No matter how far you travel, you will find your visit to Ohio Caverns provides you with rich memories of its great beauty and educational value. 

    Many conveniences are provided for your comfort and recreation.  A 35 acre park is located directly above the cavern and contains shelter houses, picnic tables, gemstone mine and a playground.  A souvenir and gift shop is located within the entrance building.  A courteous and attentive staff is at your service.
    Regardless of weather conditions the temperature of the Ohio Caverns remains a constant 54 degrees throughout the year.  The air inside the caverns is always fresh and invigorating.  Once inside the cavern the tour route is level concrete which will allow you to enjoy the natural beauties of the cavern safely and conveniently.

    • Address: 2210 State Route 245 E
      West Liberty, Ohio 43357
    • Phone: Local Number: 9374654017
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Garst Museum & The National Annie Oakley Center

    The Garst Museum features The National Annie Oakley Center and the foremost collection dedicated to the life of sharp-shooter and Darke County native, Annie Oakley within its 35,000 sq. ft. space.

    Annie Oakley was America’s first female superstar and a role model for today’s woman. Unlike Hollywood’s image of a western, rough and tumble tomboy, Annie was a true Victorian woman who loved lace, silver, beautiful furnishings, and elegant clothing and yet was blessed with physical athleticism. The newly updated National Annie Oakley Center at the Garst Museum features exhibits dedicated to her personal and professional life and her impact on modern popular culture.
    The museum’s other major exhibits includes The Treaty of Green Ville and “Mad”Anthony Wayne, Tecumseh and Native Americans, Lowell Thomas, an extensive military collection, period American furnishings, county history and agricultural artifacts. The museum also offers a well-staffed genealogy research library and a unique store.

    • Address: 205 N. Broadway
      Greenville, Ohio 45331
    • Phone: Local Number: 9375485250
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Armstrong Air & Space Museum

    Named in honor of Neil Armstrong, first man to set foot on the moon, this museum in Wapakoneta chronicles Ohio's contributions to the history of space flight. Among the items on display are a F5D Sky Lancer, the Gemini VIII spacecraft, Apollo 11 artifacts and a moon rock. In the museum's Astro-theater, multimedia presentations of the sights and sounds of space unfold against a starry background.

    July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong descended the lunar excursion module's (LEM) ladder. As he stepped onto the moon’s surface, he stated, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” 

    The United States had bested the Soviet Union in the race to the moon and fulfilled President Kennedy’s challenge to do so before the end of the decade. 

    The Apollo 11 crew had completed the greatest journey in human history, putting men on the moon and setting the course for the future of the nation’s space program. From Armstrong’s hometown of Wapakoneta, across the United States, and around the world, people wanted to honor their feat

    • Address: 500 Apollo Drive
      Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895
    • Phone: Toll-Free: (800) 860-0142
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Canal Museum

    The Canal Museum is located on the route of the Miami-Erie Canal, which was operational from 1825 - 1929. Constructed in 1982, the Canal Museum presents displays that feature the Miami-Erie Canal and the early industry of Middletown. The museum is open mid-April through mid-October and other dates by appointment only.

    • Address: 1605 N. Verity Parkway
      Middletown, Ohio 45042
    • Phone: Local Number: (513) 424-5539
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • National Museum of the United States Air Force

    The National Museum of the United States Air Force is the world's largest and oldest military aviation museum. The museum welcomes about one million visitors from around the world each year and boasts 17 acres of indoor exhibit space, more than 360 aerospace vehicles and missiles, and thousands of artifacts.

    • Address: 1100 Spaatz St.
      Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433
    • Phone: Local Number: (937) 255-3286
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • Monticello III Canal Boat

    A horse-drawn canal boat replica takes visitors on a 40 minute ride into Ohio's colorful past with a narrated glimpse of a 1 1/2 mile restored section of the original Ohio-Erie Canal. Group rates, school tour rates and special charters available. Rides begin at the top of the hour.

    The Monticello III Canal Boat is located in the Lake Park Complex near Historic Roscoe Village in Coshocton.


    • Address: 23253 SR 83 N
      Coshocton, Ohio 43812
    • Phone: Local Number: 7406227528
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • AHA! A Hands-On Adventure A Children's Museum

    AHA! A Hands-On Adventure, A Children's Museum
    Come play and learn at AHA!
    AHA! is a 4,000 square foot adventure space featuring more than 25 exhibits and activities for children age 0-7 (and older). Children can learn as they engage in their most important "work" of play.
    Call now to visit us, reserve a party, or reserve visit time for a class, preschool or camp group.

    • Address: 315 S Broad St
      Lancaster, Ohio 43130
    • Phone: Local Number: (740) 653-1010
    • Email:
    • Website:
  • The Toledo Zoo

    Travel the world in one amazing day! With more than 5,000 animals representing 500+ species and a newly renovated Aquarium, the Toledo Zoo offers your family an experience like no other.

    Giraffes, zebras, ostriches and more roam our Africa! exhibit, polar bears, seals and grey wolves in the Arctic Encounter and explore Penguin Beach, our walk-through penguin exhibit that features viewing from three different levels. 

    In the Aquarium, you'll see 3000+ aquatic animals in 178,000 gallons of water. The new Aquarium experience, from sleek sharks to glittering tropical fish, is like nothing seen before in this region. You'll get to touch a stingray with your own hands, stand beside a sea turtle as it glides by, and interact with a diver inside The Reef, a huge 90,000-gallon exhibit. 

    The Zoo is also home to Kingdom of the Apes, an award-winning aviary, a world-renown Hippoquarium, and a historic Reptile House featuring Baru, the biggest saltwater crocodile in North America.

    The kids will love Nature's Neighborhood, our award-winning children's zoo- it's 100% explore-able, hands-on fun! 

    These are just a few reasons we're one of the country's top zoos. But don't take our word for it. Come see for yourself! 

    • Address: 2 Hippo Way
      Toledo, Ohio 43614
    • Phone: Local Number: 4193854040
    • Email:
    • Website:

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