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Ohio Amusement Parks

Ohio's Amusement Parks

Ohio is home to some of the fastest, tallest, longest and overall best roller coasters and rides in the world! Every year, tens of thousands of thrill-seekers descend upon Ohio’s collection of amusement parks. The two premier amusement parks are Cedar Point in Sandusky and Kings Island in Cincinnati. Both parks boast a multitude of roller coasters, rides, attractions and live shows. Cedar Point was voted Best Amusement Park in the World – for 16 consecutive years! Ohio visitors can avoid the larger crowds at some of Ohio’s smaller amusement parks located around the state, but the amount of fun you’ll have is far from small.

  • Cedar Point
    Voted Best Amusement Park in the World for 16 consecutive years by Amusement Today, Cedar Point has been thrilling Ohio visitors for decades. Cedar Point is located on Lake Erie, 50 miles west of Cleveland and offers 72 rides, including the biggest roller coaster collection on the planet. The new attraction for 2015 is Rougarou, the park’s first floorless coaster. Also debuting this summer is the newly renovated Hotel Breakers. The park’s signature hotel, Breakers, has been updated to maintain its history and beachfront location with the addition of a new grand entrance, an expanded outdoor pool deck with hot tub and more. Cedar Point features three water rides, including Shoot the Rapids, an exciting family water flume adventure! For kids, the park also features Planet Snoopy, which includes seven rides, games, and appearances by Snoopy himself. There are 17 amazing roller coasters, including Maverick and the 420-foot-tall Top Thrill Dragster, one of four Cedar Point roller coasters over 200 feet tall! Also check out WindSeeker, a 300-foot-tall ride that will take thrill-seekers to new heights as they spin above the Lake Erie beach. Check out the full list of rides and roller coasters at
  • Kings Island
    Experience pure excitement at Kings Island with more than 80 rides, attractions and roller coasters. The amusement park features some of the best roller coasters anywhere, including Diamondback, a 230-foot tall steel monster that reaches speeds up to 80 miles per hour; Flight of Fear, an indoor coaster that catapults riders from 0 to 54 miles per hour in just four seconds in a heart-pounding adventure in total darkness through four inversions; and Drop Tower, where you plunge 315 feet straight down at a speed of 67 miles per hour on the tallest Gyro drop in the world! One of the newest additions to Kings Island is Banshee, the world’s longest inverted roller coaster. Banshee sends riders screaming through more than 4,000 feet of track and seven inversions at speeds up to 68 miles per hour. Check out the full list of rides and roller coasters at
  • Coney Island
    The 129-year-old amusement park in Cincinnati is best known for its water attractions, including the two-plus acre sunlite pool, which is the largest flat-surface pool in North America! The park also boasts two dozen classic amusement park rides for all ages. Experience rides like the Python Coaster, Rock-O-Planes and Scream Machine. There is also a selection of kiddie amusement rides and roller coasters. Coney Island also offers original live stage shows, Coney's Mining Town, Famous Fairways Miniature Golf Course, Games of Skill Arcade and much more.
  • Jungle Jack's Landing
    This amusement park is part of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The amusement park features 16 rides and attractions. Some of the rides include Jungle River Falls, a 1,250-foot-long log flume that includes two drops of 28- and 36-feet; Sea Dragon, a 55-year-old coaster that was recently restored, begins with a 37-foot hill and reaches speeds up to 25 mph; and Dust Devil, similar to the classic "scrambler-type" ride. Jungle Jack's Landing includes kiddie rides such as Tiny Tusks, which allows kids and adults to manually raise and lower their elephant vehicles and the Golden Frog Hopper, kids are taken up 25 feet, then provided a fun, bouncing descent. Be sure to visit Stingray Bay where visitors can watch these beautiful animals “fly” through the water and even dip their hands in the water to come in contact with the stingrays.
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