Geocaching in Ohio

Ohio is the ideal destination for Geocaching, and autumn is the perfect time for it. The crispness in the air and the burst of colors combine to create the perfect environment for an Ohio adventure! With a handheld GPS unit or a GPS-enabled smartphone and a set of coordinates, Geocachers can explore everything from the remote wilderness of Ohio's state parks to hidden gems in Ohio's vibrant cities.

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon catching the interest of everyone from adventure travelers to families looking for ways to spend more time together. The craze began in 2000, shortly after the U.S. government removed a satellite scramble making civilian GPS units more accurate. A group of GPS enthusiasts began creating "adventures" using latitude and longitude coordinates as clues. Today, more that 5 million people worldwide joining in the Geocaching fun.

How can I find Geocaches in Ohio? is the "official" international guide to Geocaching. That means people from all over the world can go to this site to find everything from information on how to get started, to a robust search engine where you can find coordinates to caches located all over the world. Their Geocaching in Ohio page offers a list of cities to choose from, or you can use their Hide & Seek page for a much more comprehensive search.

For history buffs, the Ohio Historical Society has placed caches at a number of their sites located around the state. Geocaching at OHS provides complete information on how to combine your love of history with the fun and excitement of Geocaching.

You'll find a number of caches located in Ohio's state parks, many of them listed at And with 74 state parks scattered around the state, what better way to get out and explore the Buckeye State?

Experience Ohio

Ohio truly is a Geocacher's paradise. From pristine hiking trails through southeast Ohio's hill country to ancient historical sites to exciting big cities, you'll find adventures for everyone. And while you are out there exploring Ohio, be sure to share your experience online at one of our social media channels. Post photos of your latest big discovery on our Facebook Page or on Instagram using the #Ohiogram tag to show folks just how fun Geocaching in Ohio can be!

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