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Haunted Ohio

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Day One: The Ghosts of Warren County
Golden LambOn the first day of your thrilling trip, visit Warren County. Every fall, the ghosts of Warren County begin appearing. Over the years, these ghostly sightings have left local residents and visitors to ponder the “what” and “why” of this paranormal activity.

Waynesville is known as the most haunted village in Ohio and it lives up to the name. See for yourself on the Waynesville Ghost Walk and enjoy one of three unique walking tours past historic downtown buildings and through the Quaker Historical District. See famous landmarks like the Stetson house, which is said to still be haunted by its former owner-Louisa Stetson, the original investor in the Stetson Hat Company. From hauntings at the Hammel House to the Friends Museum, this tour will leave you with chills running down your spine.

If the Ghost Walk didn’t get your heart racing, visit Middletown’s Land of Illusion and see how many of their six award winning attractions you can handle. Stay overnight at The Golden Lamb Inn where ghost sightings are known well. On the 4th floor of The Golden Lamb Inn in historic downtown Lebanon, there is a special room called "Sarah's Room" where many guests say they have encountered the presence of Sarah Stubbs, a child who lived in the hotel in the 1800´s. As a relative of the inn´s owner, she and her mother were often moved from room to room. All the moving disturbed Sarah and her frustration is felt (and seen) today by her toys and belongings unexpectedly being moved, or doors being opened.

Don’t Miss: The Ohio Renaissance Festival; the Halloween Haunt at Kings Island; the high flying thrills of Ozone Zipline Adventures.

Day Two: The Haunting in Cincinnati
CincinnatiCincinnati has a dark past, so you can imagine the amount of strange tales that contribute to the "Queen City is Haunted" walking tour. This tour has a rich intertwining of dramatic storytelling and cold hard facts. The Queen City is Haunted Walking Tour uncovers disturbing tales buried deep within Cincinnati’s storied past. And yes, you will be asked to sign a waiver, as the tour will wind you through tunnels, steep staircases, and buildings that have seen better days.

The tour includes tales of the cholera epidemic, grave robbery, remorseless murderers and a Potter's Field. In front of the Cincinnati Music Hall, highly regarded as one of the most haunted buildings in America, you will hear tales of a female phantom, 200 pounds of children's bones discovered during a renovation in the 1980s, and the testimony of the deceased great Pops orchestra conductor, Erich Kunzel. This tour is not only frightening, it’s a great way to see and learn about the history of Ohio’s Queen City.

On your way out of Cincinnati, stop at the community of Miamitown, Ohio that dates back to the 1800s. Located northwest of Cincinnati, the community has seen its share of disasters and tragedy; including a fire that struck the only church in town, as well as the collapse of the Miamitown Bridge on May 26, 1989. At the time of the collapse, witnesses reported seeing a passenger car and truck tumble into the Great Miami River. Strangely enough, the authorities only located one vehicle, with its two occupants who died in the collapse still inside. Despite witness testimony to the contrary, the reports of another vehicle were dismissed. These sites and more can be experienced first-hand on the Miamitown Ghost Tours.

Don’t Miss: Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal: Lafferty Memorial Funeral & Carriage Collection

Day Three: Tower of Terror
On your last day visit Dayton, known for its aviation history, that has a few chilling stories of its own.

Visit the Patterson Tower, in the daylight. Unfold the mystery surrounding this stone tower that looms over Dayton’s Community Golf Course. Many wonder who built it, and why?

Perhaps due in part to the tower’s foreboding appearance, over the years more grim names have been used to refer to it, including “Witches’ Tower” and even “Frankenstein’s Tower.” As for the ghosts that are said to haunt the tower, they were first reported after a tragic accident took place in the 1960s. According to legend, on dark and stormy nights shadowy figures said to belong to the victims are seen at the tower. It is said that if there is a sudden and violent bolt of lightning, the figures will illuminate as if they have just been struck by lightning. After which, they will once again fade into nothingness until the next storm.

Victoria TheatreBefore leaving town, visit the Victoria Theatre where it is said the ghost of a former actress from the 20's resides. After one of her many performances, she went up to her dressing room, locked the door, and was never heard from again. No one knows exactly what happened to her. Over time, people had forgotten about her, until the theater was being re-decorated and strange occurrences began. When people were there late at night by themselves, they would see her or hear her. The lights would go off and on and there were odd sounds. Rose perfume is what she had been wearing the night she disappeared and many have claimed of her presence by the smell of this aroma.

Don’t Miss: National Museum of the United States Air Force; Scenic bridge at Historic Clifton Mill; Grab some delicious homemade ice cream at Young’s Jersey Dairy.

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